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Are You A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is any controlling or abusive behaviour which harms your health, safety or the well-being or the health, safety or well-being of a child, committed within the framework of a family.

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What Are Your Rights When It Comes To Maintenance?

Families are a vital component of our society. As family members we have a duty towards one another to ensure that our family leads a happy and safe existence.

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Are You Buying Or Selling Property? What Should You Know?

As the seller you have the choice of which attorneys should attend to the transfer. You must contact your chosen attorney and set up a consultation.

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Getting Married: What Are The Options?

Getting married is an exciting and big step in every couple’s relationship and that is why it is even more important to know the legal implications involved when getting married. Knowing exactly what is going on at the beginning means that there will be less complications should the marriage come to an end.

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The Road Accident Fund (RAF)

The RAF was created to compensate victims who have been involved in road accidents and injured by the negligent driving of another person.

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The Promotion Of Administrative Justice!

The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (hereafter referred to as AJA) has been put in place to promote democracy.

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Consumer Protection Act

Who is affected by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)?

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